Burning Roses

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A hypnotic immolation. Dark red roses, smouldering frankincense, nag champa, labdanum. Mesmerizingly sensual.

3 thoughts on “Burning Roses”

  1. I loved this in the bottle! Deep, fresh rose and sexy smoke. I wanted to love it on my skin, but sadly multiple people told me it smelled like bug spray. I think it is the rose because I’ve never had an issue with any of the other notes in this scent. The upside is that I had great throw and longevity from it. I guess the downside is that people around me felt like they were being fumigated. Thanks, skin chemistry!

  2. I wasn’t sure if I’d love this after smelling it in the bottle. It was heavy on the incense with only a slight hint of rose underneath and it smelled more than a little headshop-y. After a couple weeks, though, it’s a lot more pleasant. The rose has come out to play and it balances out the incense very well. I wore it all day and never got tired of the simple, but effective combination.

  3. I love this right out of the bottle. It’s definitely heavy on the incense, with some delicious deep juicy rose. I think both notes are equally pronounced and balanced. The rose keeps it from smelling too completely head-shoppy. However, on me, after a while the rose completely dies away, leaving a sweet nag champa aura, and I find that I don’t mind that. I’m catching tiny whiffs of it the next day. It’s not very complex, but I like it.

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