6 thoughts on “Spectre”

  1. A lot of vanilla fragrances don’t work on me. But this is a favorite of mine. I love the non gourmand vanillas. I absolutely love using the body oil in this scent, then layering with another fragrance that vibes well with vanilla.

  2. When I crack the vial of Spectre I’m wondering where the smell is…did I get a dud? I’m getting a VERY faint plasticky vanilla aroma. It’s not a full on doll head type of plasticky smell but the vanilla smells very artificial to me. I’m glad I was able to try a sample because I’d be mad if I bought a FS. Spectre turned out to be pretty much non existent on my skin. I slathered the entire vial all over me and nothing really develops. If you’re sensitive to strong smells then this is right up your alley. Personally, Spectre was a huge disappointment to me.

  3. A simple, safe, warm, and cozy vanilla. Love layering this with other things that need extra vanilla (my fave combo is Spectre + Corpse Bride = Spectre Bride???). Wears decently long with low projection. Nice for sleep. If you like vanilla, you’ll like this but is it anything spectacular or groundbreaking? No. Even so I find myself reaching for it often especially as the weather gets colder.

  4. Wet: vanilla, creamy, minimally sweet but leaning earthy,
    Drydown: 20min later sweetness and earthiness are blended, bit like a vanilla bean noel (cocoa pink) and arcturus (possets) blend,
    low sillage (you wont smell it standing 1m apart from me) but long lived (that means 8h+)

  5. This is very, very sweet and true vanilla in the bottle and on my skin. No change or morphing whatsoever. I must agree with prior reviews in that it smells a lot like Vanilla Bean Noel from B&BW. It’s not the same, but it has a recognizable similarity. If anything, it’s a filtered version of it (which I’ll classify as a good thing because it reads as a chicer and more refined vanilla perfume). Still reminds me of baking though. Haha… vanilla is a central component of baking sweet treats, so I don’t understand the desire to separate them! I get that the smell of something after it’s baked is not the same as vanilla, so maybe that’s the distinction…? Anyway! There’s nothing wrong with this. I like it better than I liked FLICK. It reminds me of Tihota as I sit with it, like vanilla extract has had the alcohol component stripped out. I want more complexity from it personally. I could see it being a great base in a perfume, but I don’t really see myself wearing it alone. It’s somewhat boring, despite its impressive authenticity. It smells great, but it’s not grabbing me in any way. I do like it more as it fades. It softens and melts deep into my skin; I smell like I just magically sweat vanilla. It’s coming across as a vanilla skin musk scent now. Great longevity too. Very cool ending. Vanilla fiends come on down. Otherwise this is a soft no for me. I wouldn’t pass up a good deal on it in a trade/ swap, but otherwise probably not going to seek it out.

  6. It’s all vanilla baby. Like smelling an opened bag of sugar? Or vanilla frosting on a cupcake. It’s VERY light! When I received my sample and put it near my other oils it picked up the scents of my other oils. So now it smells like vanilla leather.. which isn’t terrible..
    This is a safe oil, and I think anyone can wear it. Too light for me, I’m a heavy hand and like LOADS of smell. This would be nice for a Baptism.

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