1 thought on “Wuthering Heights”

  1. (Note: Reviewed off of a sample purchased off of Ajevie in November.)

    This Hex takes the popular musk of Hex’s Loup-Garou and mixes it with a strong, herbal lavender. This is one of Hex’s stronger scents: it’s an all-out Herbal Lavender assault on you, with just a hint of darkness chasing after you from the vetiver and the oakmoss. Hex’s musk always winds up smelling like Cannabis to me (and sadly means Loup Garou doesn’t really work for me) but that cannibis smell works really well in this, where the lavender is complimented by the more herbal stank of that musk and the herbal green scent of the vetiver.

    Normally Hex scents wear close to the skin for me but this one is quite loud in the wet stage; it tends to announce its presence. Loudly. However, once it hits the drydown stage, it becomes much quieter: it’s still got that strong herbal feel, but I’m mostly smelling that musk and a light vanilla/lavender combo. However, at that point, I really have to sniff my wrists quite strongly to pick up much perfume at all.

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