La Belle Sorcière

Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: A smouldering mystery of bakhoor incense, wild berries, narcotic champa flower, white moss, sweet agarwood, orange blossom honey, spiced wine, oppononax, and Egyptian kyphi.

3 thoughts on “La Belle Sorcière”

  1. I ordered this being a heavy incense fan, and hey it was during the MEGA sale –
    I detect Bakhoor, orange, and champa flower.. I’m pretty sure? During the first whiff out of the bottle it reminds me of a medicinal house cleaner.. once applied changes completely.. to a mixture of ‘Arcanum & Hex’
    Very nice blend – but you gotta be down with the witchy incense feel.

  2. I got mostly incense from this. It smelled really good, but I definitely prefer it used as an atmospheric instead of as a perfume. Lasts most of the day.

  3. I was initially kind of scared by the champa note, since I usually hate nag champa, but this is lovely. It’s like a combination of Magus and Sorciére Rouge, but a bit deeper and smokier. The more I wore this, the more I fell in love with it.

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