Brand: Alkemia

Scent Description: Red ripe pomegranates and a splash of blood-red Merlot wine warmed by golden amber. An olfactory homage to a feminine power strong enough to seduce Death himself.

3 thoughts on “Persephone”

  1. Strong burst of fresh pomegrante and It smelled amazing at first, but then the scent wore off only minutes later and I could only smell something faintly even up close. I’ll be letting it rest for a longer time and see what happens.

  2. On this one, I get the pomegranate, wine, and amber in equal measure from the beginning. It is definitely sexy and romantic. The pomegranate eventually quiets down, and the remaining notes are pleasant but nothing special. I like it, but it is not full bottle worthy for me.

  3. Simple, but pleasant. A strong flash of pomegranate at the opening that fades into a slightly tangy sweetness as it merges with the wine and amber. I really like it, though I could see how others might find it a little too mainstream perfume-esque.

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