Seasonal Blues


Scent Description:

Ethereal blue musk, pale gray amber, unwashed smoked chimney dusted hair.

Some people get the seasonal blues and, well, I can relate because there’s just too much going on.

Released: Holiday 2019

2 thoughts on “Seasonal Blues”

  1. I swear there’s some sort of white floral (lilies?) in Alpha Musk’s blue musk note. Seasonal Blues is startlingly sweet, carries some hint of florals, and isn’t all that musky, but otherwise is dead-on with the unwashed hair note. Unsurprisingly very “blue” and cool-toned.

  2. This smells grunge-y and 90’s and melancholic, grey-blue(shocker!) and I really, really like it. The “unwashed chimney dusted hair” note is spot on. Definitely doesn’t smell like you’re wearing perfume.

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