5 thoughts on “‘Decomposing roses for a decomposed romance’”

  1. When first applied to my skin, the rose is pretty sweet and intense, and is complimented with a deep earthy and musky note, almost like opening a bag of potting mix. It dried down to a more powdery rose with a strong spicy chocolate note, almost reminiscent of a cup of Mexican chocolate. The scent lasted about 4 good hours, and was almost unnoticeable after 6.

  2. I was really hoping that I would love this perfume but something about it is too… Spicy? Maybe? My personal perfume preferences lean towards sweet, floral, musk smells. That being said I do really like earthy smells too. If I had to hazard a guess I think it might be the peppercorn because there are a few perfumes that I have that I don’t care for that also have peppercorn.

    I’ve personally cut my decomposing roses perfume and a half with a plain rose perfume oil to give me a more dominant rose smell to be able to wear this.

    Spicy, I could see a definite earthy smell. The roses are a little in the background.

  3. The rose and pink peppercorn notes are the dominant players in this perfume. I actually quite enjoy it. The rose is powdery in a luxurious way and the pink peppercorn punches it into a more interesting rose perfume.

  4. The rose is intense and bitter Wet. There is something dry and aggressive here. On dry down I am getting a strong powdery rose with a spicy punch.

  5. The smell of actual Decomposing roses has a slight ferment earthy quality this rose smells rancid and artificial. I wanted to like it but I’m picky about rose.

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