Brand: Fantôme

Scent Description: Fresh, musky, and atmospheric. Rain-drenched bamboo from the Arashiyama bamboo grove, fresh aomikan slices, Japanese pear, cherry blossom, sandalwood, ginger, white tea, and faded perfume musk.

5 thoughts on “Arashiyama”

  1. I really like this scent. It starts fresh and green, but there’s a papery, powdery feel to it. It’s slightly reminiscent of Gucci Bamboo, but this one is more complex and sophisticated. The wet bamboo makes me think of a tropical rainforest, so while it’s raining, it’s in a hot climate. After a few hours, the greenness has faded and it has more of that soft, musky, papery scent to it.
    It’s really well done, and I quite like it, but I prefer colder scents, so I don’t think I’d get a larger size.
    This has medium throw and wears for about 5 hours.

  2. Musky and aquatic as described; ginger is present as a hint of sharpness and pear as something vaguely cool and watery instead of overtly fruity (to my relief). Arashiyama opens kind of ozonic before settling down sweeter and somewhat less sharp. A fairly linear scent in that it doesn’t change much throughout the wear, just fresh and clean with a background of dry woods to tamp down the wateriness a little.

  3. Its a very beautiful and clean smelling scent. Reminds me of a more complex scented bar of Dove soap. I was also impressed by its staying power, lasted several hours on my scent gobbling skin.

  4. It smells like my mom wearing Chanel 19, face powder and lipstick in 1986! Just lovely. Sophisticated, elegant, womanly, and natural.
    A very classic, lovely scent.

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