Brand: Fantôme

Scent Description: Atmospheric, green, woody. Evokes the smell of being lost in a forest—with oakmoss, cedar, fir, resinous labdanum, benzoin, tree sap, wild violets, and lilac.

2 thoughts on “Duende”

  1. Started out springy and green, as it dries it’s becoming overtaken by lilac. Has some of hat indolic quality that some white florals have. Pretty strong scent. If you’re looking for a strong authentic lilac this is it. Some of the green qualities remain, but I would prefer more green and less floral myself but lilac is not one of my fav flowers but if it was I would love this.

  2. Not a fan of this one out of the vial (strong, acrid, smoky fir; an unfortunate resemblance to Alkemia’s Among the Pines, still my most unfavorable review to date), but the projection is amazingly dimensional; dry and inky at times, syrupy at others; I could catch a whiff of fresh grassy greens only to have it morph into earthy purple florals a few minutes later. I can’t really wear this (the smoky element isn’t great on me, even tempered by vanillic benzoin) but I can appreciate the artistry of this, at least; one of the most interesting atmospherics I’ve tried.

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