Sweet Tea

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Strong brewed black tea and a large helping of simple syrup.

2 thoughts on “Sweet Tea”

  1. I am sadly addicted to sweet tea and was hoping for this to smell like smooth tea with simple syrup, like real sweet tea. It doesn’t actually smell anything like tea, though, and it isn’t sweet. It’s incredibly astringent, dry, and bitter, with no real sweetness at all. It sort of smells like bitter, burnt tobacco leaves with a medicinal, mentholated smell. Menthol cigarettes + cough syrup, maybe. It also smells burnt and dry. So bitter and off that it is unwearable to me. And, of course, it is unbelievably strong and long lasting.

  2. The tea note is quite bitter, I don’t really get much of the sugar sweetness. It’s almost an medicinal smell.

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