Mamas Porridge

Brand: Haus of Gloi

Scent Description: Brown sugar sweetened oatmeal with a spash of milk and a piece of buttery cinnamon sugar dusted toast.

8 thoughts on “Mamas Porridge”

  1. This one just smells like sweet cinnamon oatmeal to me! It’s such a cozy delicious scent. I hate Red Hot cinnamon type of scents because it smells artificial and fake to me, but this is (thankfully) not one of those. It’s a great gourmand leaning scent.

  2. It actually smells just like oatmeal, very creamy oatmeal, with the slightest hint of butter and a light dusting of sweet sugar & cinnamon, it’s the most comforting scent!

  3. Cinnamony, nutty porridge. The drydown goes a little funky on me – think it might be the butter note.

  4. This is so well blended I have trouble deciphering the notes. Yes there’s something cinnamony in it, but it’s not outright bang!cinnamon for me. It’s softly spiced, very buttery and a little bit toasty. One of my absolute favorites.

  5. This smells like cinnamon-sugar toast, fresh and hot from the toaster oven. Unlike some other perfume oils with prominent cinnamon/spice notes, Mama’s Porridge doesn’t irritate my skin, so it’s a win all around.

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