Blood Orange Cotton Candy

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Italian blood orange, spun sugar.

4 thoughts on “Blood Orange Cotton Candy”

  1. On me this smells very much like powdered orange drink crystals. The orange is sharp and somehow dry (this is definitely not a ripe, juicy orange, but something with an edge that reads artificial) with a powdery sugar sweetness beneath. Not for me, I’m afraid.

  2. I got this as a soap sample and was unimpressed. The bright sugary sweetness of the cotton candy is stamped out by the orange, strangely enough. It’s just a generic sweet orange scent to my nose because of that, and it’s not something I wanted more of, or to spend any time with it really. It’s almost dusty? Weirdness. I feel like it needs depth, like even just some vanilla, and we might be in business. It made me ponder orange as a note in my perfumes and I realized the only ones I’ve fallen in love with have specifically “bakery” elements. Sunday Mourning (holy grail pancakes!) is a good example from Hexennacht. The orange there is a counterpoint to cut through the gorgeous golden baked sweet elements. The other orange scent I currently own and adore is The Un-Red from Cocoa Pink, which again has a lot of rich notes that the orange plays against. So, I’ll keep that in mind going forward and see if I’ve cracked the orange code for me and my body chem. Pass on this one.

  3. Sweet, sugary, citrusy, and green. Fresh blood orange (including the rind) and cotton candy.

    The orange and cotton candy seem evenly balanced. As usual, the orange rind smells green and sharp to me. Going by the notes, this really sounds like something I’d like. I don’t care for it though and I believe it’s the individual notes that I have a problem with. In a scent this simple, I feel at least one exceptional, memorable note has to be present and none of these notes wow me. Instead, I would describe each of the notes individually as “just okay.”

    Not for me, but may work for someone who prefers very simple scents.

  4. I wanted to love this! All I could smell was heavily-spiced oranges. It didn’t have any of the fresh quality I was hoping for but instead was more like cooked fruit and spice (although who cooks an orange?).

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