The Listing Attic

Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: spiced apple cider, maple sugar, Kentucky bourbon

3 thoughts on “The Listing Attic”

  1. I’ve worn this to work and gotten comments from “maple donuts” to “who made oatmeal?” to “it smells like potpourri in here”. I think it’s a bit too strong for me.

  2. I get apple crumble from this in the bottle. Super yummy. The apple is very buttery and warm, not bright and fruity per se. That’s as it should be here, so it’s a great thing. I want more depth… but I’m also not mad at an apple crumble perfume. On my skin, it initially reads equal parts maple and apple. I get very light spices, but nothing suggesting baked goods… and then after a few more minutes, I start to get the booze (yay!). It’s not alcoholic or sharp in any way; it just has that delicious bourbon profile with smoky-sweet vanillas and charred wood, very chill. It’s an interesting play now between sexier grown-up vibes and sweetly innocent. The dry down slowly creeps back toward apple crumble territory, but very soft and lovely. I don’t get butter in this stage, mostly a spiced apple topped with maple sugar. Comforting. The wear time is fabulous, lasting hours at a decent strength. It’s one that I’m able to smell on me without specifically sniffing the area it was applied too, which is neat. After further consideration, I probably don’t immediately need this despite being an overall fan. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I’m not left fiending either. It could end up in my collection on a random fall scent spree though, for sure.

  3. All of the listed notes are very apparent and work well together. Initially, I couldn’t smell the apple cider but as soon as it hit my skin it became very dominant. I am an apple cider enthusiast, so this scent is perfect for me! It smells exactly like my kitchen smells when I’m making cider, which is one of my favourite scents in the world. The perfume does, however, leave you smelling a bit like a scented candle, which I know a lot of people are not into. But if that doesn’t bother you, I would very much recomend this scent!

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