Brand: Hexennacht

Scent Description: Dark patchouli, amber, cardamom, vanilla.

7 thoughts on “Witchboard”

  1. Starts off with mostly patchouli, but it’s not overwhelming or too incense-y. I’m not a huge patchouli fan, but it blends well with the amber and vanilla to feel sexy and warm. It feels like you’re wearing a cozy sweater and drinking tea in a library. I love warm, spicy scents like this and I’m a sucker for vanilla. It’s woody and you get the creamy vanilla at the same time for a more complex scent. Could be a great unisex scent. Moderate projection, not super strong because it’s still an oil perfume vs. alcohol-based but definitely noticeable. It’s mostly amber after several hours, with some patchouli lingering. It was still going strong after 3 hours, and mostly gone after 7 hours. I got a sample of this and it makes me want to try out more Hex scents!

  2. On my skin this was mostly patchouli with a little bit of amber. I couldn’t smell any vanilla or cardamom at all. This scent stays the same throughout the wear time until it fades away at around 4 to 5 hours. I’ve read many reviews stating that Witchboard, Planchette and Chakra Khan are all similar but, to my nose, I think they’re all fairly different smells. Personally I prefer Planchette out of the three. This blend was okay but I didn’t wow me. This scent was a bit boring on it’s own for me. The third time I tried this layered with Possets Heka and it wasn’t bad. I wish I got some cardamom and vanilla notes out of this.

  3. Heavier on the vanilla and lighter on the patchouli than expected for most of the wear; the patch does opens strongly but doesn’t overstay its welcome. The woody facets (purported to be Iso Super E with its dry and airy tones), mixes nicely with the vanilla (more creamy than sweet.) The amber note becomes obvious after a few hours, leaning sweet and gourmand as per the norm with Hexennacht before fading to the background again. Witchboard projects heavily for a fairly mild scent.

  4. Okay, so I think my opinion of this may be different if I hadn’t already tried Planchette and Necromancer (which are both spin-offs of Witchboard). Objectively, this is beautiful, dry, woody patchouli. It’s breathtaking in its simplicity. I love it. BUT… I already have Planchette, which I also love. They are similar, as I expected. Planchette is more delicate and nuanced. This is a little darker and more straight-forward. It’s sexy in a powerful, stoic way whereas Planchette gives me a flirty sort of sex appeal and Necromancer is all rugged and lascivious. Interestingly, towards the end of the wear, I get a heavy dose of the vanilla, then it goes straight dank patchouli, but very soft on its way out into oblivion. I’m thinking because this is the base scent, the components are more apparent as it dissipates. That’s very cool, and different from my experience with Planchette. I will buy this one day to complete the collection. That’s happening. I just don’t know when. Highly recommend for patchouli lovers. Highly recommend for Iso E lovers. It’s a verified banger. If I absolutely had to pick just one of the three, I’d have to go with Planchette though.

  5. This is a sweet blend, with the patchouli sticking close to the skin (though my skin tends to eat patch so YMMV) and the vanilla being most of what I smell in the throw. Reminds me strongly of Lush’s “Lord of Misrule” scent family.

  6. This is wicked not Hippie. The patch is prominent, but the amber and Vanilla keep it from being overpowering and the cardamom gives it an even witchier edge.

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