Brand: Nocturne Alchemy

Scent Description: Tobacco Flower, Cedar, Sage, Red Egyptian Musk, Lavender and Orange Spice with a touch of saffron.

Released: Egypt & her Wonders

1 thought on “Egyptologist”

  1. This is for Egyptologist Anniversary

    Warm, slightly spicy, resinous, lightly flowered (not outright floral), tinged with smoke, and with a prominent egyptian musk. The drydown revealed more warm musk and light sweetness. Egyptian musk has always smelled good to me, but it’s never wowed me- but, as you can guess, NAVA’s EM is excellent. Overall, EA is a pleasant surprise considering the orange, sage, lavender, and saffron notes that can sometimes ruin a blend for me. It’s very complex but mellow, and the notes mix and blend so nothing overpowers the rest.

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