Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: An ebullient scent to lift your mood when the bastards try to get you down. Cherries Jubilee: jewel-bright Montmorency cherries poached in brandy and drizzled while still warm over vanilla ice cream.

Released: April Fools

2 thoughts on “Balderdash”

  1. I agree with Lavella, Balderdash has poor longevity. After slathering this on my skin, I’m about 90 minutes in and I have to stick my nose right up next to my arm to smell anything. The cherry is actually much more realistic than I expected. It was a pleasant surprise as artificial cherry smells tend to turn my stomach. I don’t pick up on any brandy. The vanilla ice cream is going plasticky on me and I know it’s the “cream” and my skin chemistry not getting along. So this starts off very cherry forward and as it wears the vanilla ice cream makes itself known. However, on me this comes across as a plastic doll head-like vanilla. It mixes with the realistic cherry note and I’m getting flashbacks to my childhood and the Strawberry Shortcake Dolls and their smell. Imagine that but replace the strawberry with the cherry. The weirdo in me likes this purely for the nostalgia that the scent invokes. Realistic dark cherry meets vanilla doll head. I doubt this is what Forest was going for and just a byproduct of my wonky skin chemistry. It’s a shame this scent is gone within a few hours. *I think it’s worth mentioning that I’ve also layered this with Blarney. The black tea in Blarney overpowers the plasticky part of the vanilla in Balderdash that develops on my skin.

  2. Starts off as an alcoholic cherry smell, a lot like the filling of Mon Cheri chocolates. As it dries it changes to a really creamy, sweet, cherry ice cream with a little bit of brandy and vanilla. Only lasted about 2h though.
    I didn’t expect to like this one but it surprised me, it’s really nice!

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