Little Brown Rabbit

Brand: Nui Cobalt

Scent Description: An auspicious blend for abundance and great good fortune. Nutmeg and tonka bean nuzzle up against fluffy marshmallow, cottonflower, pink pepper, and a trace of carrot seed.

Released: Critters 2019

2 thoughts on “Little Brown Rabbit”

  1. I can smell what other reviews were talking about when they said Little Brown Rabbit smells like carrot cake. On my skin LBR is carrot cake with the addition of coconut. There’s no coconut in the notes and stranger yet, coconut usually goes to plastic on my skin (think doll heads). Maybe things will change with age. I find that Nui Cobalt perfume oils really benefit from aging. This is gone at the 5 hour mark on me but l can smell it on my clothes and bedding well into the next day. I’m amazed that I’m not getting any cotton flower out of this, considering I usually amp it. For now, I’ll call this a like and not a love. The coconut smell is…unexpected and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

  2. This reminds me of a cozy mama bunny, like Peter Rabbit’s mother, or the mother in The Runaway Bunny… It’s sweet and clean and comfortable but it’s not too precious. It’s very well blended; the total effect is a slightly earthy, almost maple-y, fuzzy, warm sweetness. Despite all the edible sounding notes, it’s not really gourmand. The cottonflower and carrotseed lend a nice freshness to the whole thing so it doesn’t get heavy or cloying; the sweet spiced marshmallow on the drydown is lovely too. Quite good throw and average longevity.

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