A Day & A Night

Brand: Poesie Perfume

Scent Description: sweet amber, white amber, natural fossilized amber oil, sensual musk, vanilla, dark spices & resins


6 thoughts on “A Day & A Night”

  1. First impressions: Amber. Straight out of the gate it was pure amber. The kind of scent you get from rubbing a small piece of amber stone with your palms. Now as the day has gone on it has faded to a vanilla amber. It is similar to how the base of a lot of Sixteen92 scents smell. I am liking it so far and have a feeling I will like it even more after a couple weeks of resting.

  2. A dark, dry and slightly spicy amber with vanilla and at times animalistic undertones. On my skin, this starts out as spicy and resinous with a dark, musky aspect. As it dries, the vanilla starts to come out.

    For this first month, this scent may smell off or like baby powder. With at least a month to rest, the beautiful resins start to shine. Personally, I’ve found that the vanilla also comes out more the longer I have the perfume. Not everyone may want to wait for this scent to rest in order to see if it works for them, but it’s one of my favorite dark and resinous scents now that it has settled.

  3. This scent is lovely, and perfectly embodied the scent I was hoping it would be for such a special occasion. It is musky, and sweet, spicy and resinous amber. It lasted well over 8 hours and faded to a lovely vanilla.

  4. This is a beautiful dry amber. The musk makes it smell more complex, and I find it just intoxicating. It’s a little spicy also. A word of warning, it does need to rest a while. I had to rest my sample two weeks before it smelled nice, and another week before it started to smell as good in the bottle as it does on my skin.

    If you like sweet or vanilla amber, you would probably prefer Poesie’s Glowing to this one.

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