Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

“The constellation of the snake is huge and has a triangular shaped head on one end. It recalls the snake who taught Orpheus how to bring the dead back to life. It is also tangentially a reminder of the staff of Asclepius the god of medicine whose twining snake is still the proper symbol of the medical profession.

To make this blend I took bright starry crystalline musk and cast a foreground of darker more resinous things to enchant: aged patchouli, deep woody vanilla, a goodly jolt of sandalwood, white oude, a pearly clove scent, a fat vanilla, a black vanilla, and natural tonka bean infusion. Snaky, smoky, complex, and elegant.”

Released: The Night Sky

1 thought on “Serpens”

  1. The clove in this blend completely took over to the point of being medicinal. I ended up diffusing this with other EO’s instead of wearing it. It needed something sweet to balance it out. I couldn’t pick out any other notes besides a bit of oude maybe. Fairly strong scent throughout my house and on my skin.

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