The Ghost of Christmas Future

Brand: Possets

Scent Description:

In the spirit of Charles Dickens, I give you the Ghost of Christmas Future. Instead of a dismal draped wraith, I am going to make the merry merry first holiday card the symbol of this fragrance. Yes, I am taking a bit of license with this fragrance but…what the heck. I would rather wish you a happy holiday season in your future than the real fate of Scrooge which was to repent endlessly. This is a happy fragrance without reservation.

In many parts of the world, it would not be the holidays without the “cracker”, a party favor shaped like a tube with frills on either end and cardstock “tabs” hidden in the frills. You pull the tabs together and it pops. Smoke comes out and there is a paper hat, a candy, and a toy inside. It’s like a one person pinata except it does have a very small amount of gunpowder in it to make the pop, hence the name “cracker”. Possets took a literal approach to it’s holiday “cracker” with the gunpowder effect, and inside the brightly colored tube there was a silky raspberry treat and a toy monocle to have fun with.

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