A Thousand Times More Fair

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Honeysuckle nectar, magnolia blossom, passion flower, white peach skin, ripe plum, bright vanilla bean, delicate musk.

Released: Spring 2016

11 thoughts on “A Thousand Times More Fair”

  1. Talk about floral. It also has a strong honey note in it, obviously thanks to the honeysuckle nectar. When I first put this on, it was so strong I wasn’t sure if I liked it at all. I thought it might be too green floral-y. I think that letting it rest for awhile was good for it, because when I came back to it a couple of weeks later, I fell in love with it. The musk and the vanilla really ground the florals. It’s such a beautiful fragrance.

  2. I think this one must have jasmine in it? Because while I wanted to enjoy the gentle candied honeysuckle, one of the notes came across as bitter cat pee to me. I think my nose doesn’t process it correctly.

  3. This pulls mostly peach fuzz on me, bright and bold and almost candylike. I guess there’s a bit of plum there too. The floral notes are much more in the background and add a lush haziness. It’s a little too sweet for me, so I don’t wear it often.

  4. A brightly sweet fruity-floral that can only be described as super pretty and wearable. On me, it is mostly realistic honeysuckle combined with a background of fuzzy white peaches and juicy plum. The sweetness can make it seem kind of peach candy-like, but I find that the honeysuckle pulls it back into balance.

  5. there’s a touch of tartness on the peach in this that lends itself well to the sweetness of the other notes, i just wish it was less pronounced. it turns into fuzzy peach candy on me. otherwise it’s a very beautiful summer scent, reminds me of the hottest summers of my youth that were spent playing in the sun.

  6. This is a beautiful fruity-floral–one of my favourites! I find that it’s heavy on the florals and the vanilla/musk with just a splash of fresh peaches, but my skin loves to be loud with florals. This is an incredible spring/summer scent and I can totally picture myself wearing it with a big, floppy hat and a white sundress.

  7. A lovely, summery, sweet perfume. This one is heavy on the honeysuckle and peach for me, and it’s very beautiful and feminine. I don’t normally go for fruity scents, but this one is my big exception!

  8. I was attracted to testing this for the plum note but it’s more in the background with the Peaches. This is a sweet floral scent quite honeyed, I surprisingly like this one a lot (not a fan of florals usually) Would be lovely in spring/summer & I’m contemplating a bottle purchase

  9. It’s primarily a honeysuckle scent on me, with a nice backing of sour/sweet peachy fruit. It reminds me a bit of some of my favorite things to eat in summer as a child (fresh peaches with the skin on and honeysuckle, though not usually at the same time).

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