Shadow Show

Brand: Sixteen92

Scent Description: Kettle corn, spun sugar, apple, machine oil, rusty metal, dirt.

8 thoughts on “Shadow Show”

  1. Personally, the apple note is not present in this blend for me. The kettle corn and spun sugar notes would be unbearably sticky-sweet without the metallic dirtiness brought to the table by the machine oil, rusty metal, and dirt notes. The sweetness is the forefront of this scent, with the grittier notes adding a promise of a little danger beneath the innocent facade. A favorite of mine.

  2. I expected this to be very metal/oil/atmospheric from the reviews, but it actually smelled like biscuits on me (probably the popcorn note) with a hint of something almost damp smelling in the background. I amp sweet scents, but this was a surprise given that I didn’t pick up any of the other notes.

  3. in a way, this almost reminds me of a more complicated ghost puffs. at first, it’s mostly kettle corn with the sweeter edge of the spun sugar, but there’s still that undercurrent of dirt and metal, though they don’t smell overpowering. i don’t think i ever got any of the apple note in this.

  4. This was an interesing scent for sure, but not for me. I really liked the metal and motor oil, but I discovered I don’t like kettle corn. The combination with the spun sugar was a bit weird to my nose as well. Really atmospheric though!

  5. This is a curious blend of metal and kettle corn. The metal is slightly more prominent at first, and after an hour or so it smells like fresh made farmers market kettle corn. About halfway through the day a crisp apple note soared into the air and confused me lol. It lasted about an hour before going back to kettle corn. At the end of the day it settled to a dusty sugar scent.

  6. My go to Farmer’s Market scent. This evokes chilly air, fresh picked apples, kettle corn, and dirt. It took me awhile to decide if I liked it or not. It is completely atmospheric and the realism borders on being eerie. A brilliant blend.

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