Phial of Galadriel

Brand: The Little Book Eater

Scent Description: White Musk Citrus Bergamot Jasmine & Peppermint

1 thought on “Phial of Galadriel”

  1. This is hands my favorite LBE scent of those I’ve tried so far. It goes on very minty, but as it dries the musk and jasmine predominate; what’s interesting, though, is the way the mint continues to temper them into something that still smells light and crisp. It doesn’t have much throw (most of the LBE scents I’ve tried don’t), but I mostly wear it for myself so that’s fine. I also find it to be very versatile; it’s a scent I can wear year-round–fresh enough for summer, just enough musk for the colder months.

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