Abe Lincoln, Ancient Astronaut Expert

Brand: The Strange South

Scent Description: Damp corners with boxes full of stained notebook paper. Burned out halogen bulbs, an otherworldly fog, and the remains of this morning’s breakfast: cinnamon and sugar toast. Blended with our unique base, The Ancient One.

2 thoughts on “Abe Lincoln, Ancient Astronaut Expert”

  1. Doesn’t even need a review, the description captures it so well. A core of The Ancient One, added atmospherics of fog and wet paper, and yes, cinnamon sugar toast. I’m amazed at this one. Damp, atmospheric, doing that “spiced frog” thing I get from Ancient One, all with a touch of toasty sweetness. This is a treat for weirdos.

  2. This one’s weird and unique. The halogen bulbs, fog, sugar and cinnamon – it’s all there. I’d totally wear this if I went out dressed as a ghost on Halloween.

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