Plumeria Hysteria

Brand: ZOMG Smells

Scent Description:

This one references the fact that a lot of tourists canceled plans to come visit the Big Island once the volcano started spewing lava from various fissures in the ground and casually, slowly, annihilating neighborhoods (including the vacation houses lining the Kapoho tide pools which I loved, and filling in those tide pools so that they no longer exist– an odd feeling, to know I’ll never see them again except in pictures). Despite these damages, though, the rest of us are really pretty safe as long as we stay respectfully away from the active lava fountains, and the island is suffering from the lack of tourists, because a lot of our economy here depends on tourism.

The actual smell captures the essence of a perfect, traditional flower lei of gardenia, pikkake jasmine, and frangipani plumeria. It’s light and one that you may need to reapply if you want it to last all day– I’ve included a very gentle musk to help it stick, but it will never knock people out in an elevator. On the other hand, most of you don’t WANT it to knock people out in an elevator, right?

Released: Volcano Collection

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